Price List


Pewter coins price (each)
Groat-sized (24-28 mm) 1.50
Medium-sized (22-24mm) 1.00
Penny-sized (17-21mm) 0.75
Penny-sized (15-16mm) 0.50
Halfpennies and farthings (14mm and less) 0.40
Copper coins price (each)
Medium (eg jetons, 22mm+) 1.50
Penny-sized 1.00
Small (eg: sceats, 16mm and less) 0.50
Gold plated pewter price (each)
All coins 2.00
Silver coins price (each)
Farthings to Groats 3.50 to 10.00
22 carat Gold Coins* price (each)
Celtic gold unit 200
Anglo-Saxon Thrymsas 35
Edward the Confessor, Gold Mancus 100
Henry III, Gold Penny 100
Edward III, Quarter Noble 40
Henry V, Half Noble 85
Richard III, Angel 120
Henry VIII, halfcrown 80

* the prices of gold coins will fluctuate in line with the price of gold bullion.

We offer discounts on all loose coins for bulk orders, 100+ coins 10%, 500+ coins 15% and 1000+ coins 20%.

Money bags

All packs (each containing up to 10 coins) 7.50 each
Bulk orders of 10 or more sets... 6.50 each
Bulk orders of 100 or more sets... 5.50 each