We offer a wide range of products and services. This includes everything from individual reproduction coins, dies cut to your own specification and design, or original coins (when available). Click here to view our current pricelist. If you wish to place an order, please email us at or contact us using the details on the home page.


You can view the entire range (may take a while to load) or view coins by type.

The coins illustrated are typically struck in toned fine silver to make them easily viewable on your monitor, both pewter and silver examples are significantly cleaner & brighter than this when supplied. Gold coins where pictured are struck in pewter and gold plated.

All coins can be struck in Pewter, Copper, Silver or Gold. Pewter coins can also be supplied with a gold plated finish.

Money bags

A Tudor Moneybag.

Our Money Bags are a great way to discover the coins used in a period of history that interests you. Each Money Bag contains up to 10 coins, in pewter, or where appropriate to the period, gold-plated pewter.

The coins are held in a velvet drawstring bag, and there is a hand-crafted "parchment" scroll, which gives some background to the coins in the set. They make great gifts for adults and children.

We do a wide range of sets appropriate to different historical periods, several of which are particularly suitable for educational use as the themes covered are part of the National Curriculum Key Stages.

Sets currently available:

sets marked * contain a gold plated coin.

Wedding Tokens and Commemerative Coins

Our range does not end with historical reproductions we offer for sale, we also offer a very popular custom die-making service for your very own designs.

An example of a wedding token.
Wedding Tokens, the ideal keepsake for your special day.

Our commerative coins can be supplied in lead free pewter (gold plated also available) as well as; copper, silver and gold to meet your requirements. Each coin is struck by hand in the same fashion as for all of our coin reproductions, so why not commemerate your special event with your own special die.

We take your chosen design (be it an idea, line drawing, or multi-coulr corporate logo) and with you refine this to ensure a quality end product. The finished design is cut onto the die face by hand (just as historical dies were made). Most logos and designs can be adapted into dies, a popular option for local events is to hold a competition amongst local children to find the perfect design.

Shanes castle medieval festival event token.       Token commemerating the 400th anniversary of Holy Trinity church.
Examples of custom tokens created to commemerate events, with the orignal artwork they were created from.

The possibilities for your organisation, festival or corporate event are endless, to discuss your specific requirements please contact us by email at or using the details on the home page.