Coins of the Wars of the Roses

The House of Lancaster

L1 - Henry IV, heavy halfgroat, Issued 1399-1408AD, 22mm. S1718.

L2 - Henry IV, halfpenny, Issued 1399-1413AD, 14mm. S1724.

L3 - Henry IV, or Henry V penny, Issued 1413AD, 18mm. S1776.

L4 - Henry V, half noble, gold, 24mm. S1748.

L5 - Henry V, groat, Issued 1413-1422AD. 25mm. S1765.

L6 - Henry V, halfgroat, Issued 1413-1422AD. 21mm. S1772.

L7 - Henry V, farthing, 11 mm. S1797A.

L8 - Henry V, Leopard, Anglo-Gallic, Issued 1415-1422AD. 24mm.

L9 - Henry VI, groat, annulet issue, Issued 1422-1427AD. 25mm. S1835.

L10 - Henry VI, halfgroat, leaf-trefoil, Issued 1435-38, 21mm. S1855.

L11 - Henry VI, penny, Annulet issue, 1422-1427AD, 18 mm. S1845.

L12 - Henry VI, penny, Leaf-mascle issue, 1434-1435AD, 18mm. S1893.

L13 - Henry VI halfpenny, Issued 1422-1427AD, 14mm. S1848.

L14 - Henry VI, Petit Blanc aux Ecus, Anglo-gallic, 22 mm.

L15 - Henry VI, Petit denier Tournois, Anglo-gallic, 18 mm.

L16 - Henry VI, Restored, Penny, Issued 1470-1471AD, 16mm. S2088.

coin image coin image L17 - Henry VI, Restored, halfgroat, Issued 1470-1471AD, 19mm. S1620.

The House of York

Y1 - Edward IV, 1st reign, groat. 24mm. S2000.

Y2 - Edward IV, 1st reign, halfgroat, 19mm. S2019.

Y3 - Edward IV, 1st reign, halfgroat, York mint, 19mm. S2038.

Y4 - Edward IV, 1st reign, penny. 17mm. S2040.

Y5 - Edward IV, 1st reign, halfpenny, 13mm. S2068.

Y6 - Late 15th century jeton, copper, 25mm.

Y7 - Edward IV, 2nd reign, halfgroat. 19mm. S2106.

coin image coin image Y7b - Edward IV, 2nd reign, Irish penny. 16mm. S6397.

Y8 - Edward V, groat, 26mm. S2146.

Y9 - Richard III, angel, 28mm. S2149.

Y10 - Richard III, halfgroat, 22mm. S2161.

Y11 - Richard III, penny, York, Archbishop Rotherham, 17 mm. S2166.

Y12 - Richard III, halfpenny, London, mint mark boar’s head, 14 mm. S2170.