Viking England

V1 - St Edmund memorial coinage, circa 885-915AD, 17mm. S960.

V2 - St Martin of Lincoln, circa 920AD. 19mm. S963.

V3 - Guthrum penny imitating Alfred, Lincoln, circa 900AD, 19mm. S965.

V4 - Guthrum penny imitating Alfred, probably Oxford, circa 900AD, 19mm. S971.

V5 - Cunnetti penny, Cnut Rex, Northern Danelaw, circa 900AD, 18mm. S987.

V6 - Cunnetti halfpenny, Cnut Rex, Northern Danelaw, circa 900AD. 14mm. S995.

V7 - Cunnetti penny, Siefred, Northern Danelaw, circa 900AD, 19mm. S980.

V8 - York, anonymous issue penny, sword & hammer type, circa 920AD, 19mm. S1012.

V9 - Viking penny, St. Peter Coinage, 16mm. S1014.

V10 - Olaf Guthfrithsson, Raven type, York, circa 940AD, 19mm. S1019.

V11 - Olaf Sihtricsson, Triquetra & Flag type, York 941-944AD. 19mm. S1020.

V12 - Erik Bloodaxe, Sword type, York, 952-954AD (2nd reign), 18mm. S1030.

European Viking

V13 - Irish penny, Sihtric Anlafsson, 19mm. S6100.

V14 - Hiberno-Norse, Long Cross derivative, Dublin, 1035-1060AD, 18mm. S6132.

V15 - Hiberno-Norse, Facing Bust type, 1060-1065AD, 18mm. S6136.

V16 - Hiberno-Manx, Long Cross derivative, Isle of Man, 1025AD, 18mm. S7400.

V17 - Penny of Lund, Denmark. Ship type, circa 870-890AD, 20mm.

V18 - Penny of Sigtuna, Sweden. Olaf I, circa 1000AD, 19mm.

V19 - Norwegian penny of Harald Hardrada, Trondheim, 1047-1066AD, 17mm.

V20 - Irish bracteate, Single sided, 1110-1150AD, 20mm. S6202G.