P1 - Henry II, 1154-1189AD, Tealby penny, 19 mm. S1342.

P2 - Richard I, 1189-1199AD, Short Cross type, Reads "hENRICVS REX", 19 mm. S1346.

P3 - Richard I, as Duke of Aquitaine, Reads "RICARDVS", 18 mm.

P4 - Richard I, as Count of Poitou, Reads "RICARDVS REX", 17 mm.

P5 - John, 1199-1216AD, Short Cross type, Reads "hENRICVS REX", 19 mm. S1350.

P6 - John, Irish halfpenny, Issued in Ireland before Johnís coronation, 1190-1198AD, 15 mm. S6204.

P7 - John, Mascle farthing, Issued in Ireland before Johnís coronation, 1190-1198AD. 10 mm. S6220.

P8 - John, Sun, Moon and Three Stars type, Issued in Ireland. 18 mm. S6228.

P9 - John de Courcy, Halfpenny Lord of Ulster, 19 mm. S6223.

P10 - Henry III, 1216-1272AD, Short Cross type, 18 mm. S1356C.

P11 - Henry III, Short Cross halfpenny, 14 mm. S1357D.

P12 - Henry III, Short Cross farthing, 10 mm. S1357E.

P13 - Henry III, Long Cross type, without sceptre, 19 mm. S1363.

P14 - Henry III, Long Cross type, with sceptre, 18 mm. S1356.

P15 - Henry III, Irish penny, 19 mm. S6235.

P16 - Henry III, gold penny of 20d, 20 mm. S1376.

P17 - Edward I, 1272-1307AD, Long Cross type, Reads "hENRICVS REX III", 18mm. S1378.

P18 - Edward I, Groat, 26 mm. S1379.

P19 - Edward I, Sterling Issue penny, Class 3, 18 mm. S1392.

P20 - Edward I, penny class 9a, 18 mm. S1407.

P21 - Edward I, halfpenny, 15 mm. S1432.

P22 - Edward I, farthing, 10 mm. S1446a.

P23 - Edward I, Irish penny, 18 mm. S6247.

P24 - Edward I, Irish halfpenny, 18 mm. S6257.

P25 - Edward I, jeton, copper, 18 mm.

P26 - Edward II 1307-1327AD, penny, 18mm. S1455.

P27 - Edward III, quarter noble, 20mm. S1511.

P28 - Edward III, groat, Treaty period, No French Title, Issued 1361-1369AD, 26 mm. S1576.

P29 - Edward III, halfgroat, Pre-Treaty period, Issued 1351-1361AD, 22 mm. S1616.

P30 - Edward III, penny, 3rd or florin coinage, Class 4, Issued 1344-1351AD, 18 mm. S1546.

P31 - Edward III, halfpenny, Pre-Treaty period, Series E, Issued 1351-1361AD, 14mm. S1607.

P32 - Edward III, farthing, Pre-Treaty period, Series E, S1609, Issued 1351-1361AD. 10 mm.

P33 - Edward III, jeton, copper, 23 mm.

P34 - Richard II, halfgroat, 22 mm. S1682.

P35 - Richard II, penny, 17 mm. S1686.

P36 - Richard II, halfpenny, Intermediate style, 14 mm. S1699.