Irish, Scottish & Welsh Coinage

Irish Coinage

V13 - Irish penny, Sihtric Anlafsson, 19mm. S6100.

V14 - Hiberno-Norse, Long Cross derivative, Dublin, 1035-1060AD, 18mm. S6132.

V15 - Hiberno-Norse, Facing Bust type, 1060-1065AD, 18mm. S6136.

V16 - Hiberno-Manx, Long Cross derivative, Isle of Man, 1025AD, 18mm. S7400.

V20 - Irish bracteate, Single sided, 1110-1150AD, 20mm. S6202G.

P6 - John, Irish halfpenny, Issued in Ireland before Johnís coronation, 1190-1198AD, 15 mm. S6204.

P7 - John, Mascle farthing, Issued in Ireland before Johnís coronation, 1190-1198AD. 10 mm. S6220.

P8 - John, Sun, Moon and Three Stars type, Issued in Ireland. 18 mm. S6228.

P9 - John de Courcy, Halfpenny Lord of Ulster, 19 mm. S6223.

P15 - Henry III, Irish penny, 19 mm. S6235.

P23 - Edward I, Irish penny, 18 mm. S6247.

P24 - Edward I, Irish halfpenny, 18 mm. S6257.

coin image coin image Y7b - Edward IV, 2nd reign, Irish penny. 16mm. S6397.

Scottish Coinage

S3 - Alexander III (1249-1286), Long cross penny, 19 mm. S5046.

S4 - Alexander III, sterling penny, 18mm. S5053.

S7 - John Baliol, 1292-1296, Penny, 18 mm. S5066.

S8 - Robert The Bruce 1306-1329 Penny, 18 mm. S5076.

Welsh Coinage

AS31 - Howell Dda 949-950AD, 21mm. S1121.

N6 - William I, Paxs type , St Davids mint, Issued 1083-1086AD, 19 mm. S1257.

N10 - Llewellyn, Cross in Quatrefoil type, Rhyd y Gors mint, Issued circa 1099AD, 19 mm.

N13 - Stephen 1135-1154AD, Flag type, 19 mm. S1313.

N14 - Matilda 1139-1148AD, Cardiff mint, 19mm. S1326.

P1 - Henry II, 1154-1189AD, Tealby penny, 19 mm. S1342.

P5 - John, 1199-1216AD, Short Cross type, Reads "hENRICVS REX", 19 mm. S1350.

P19 - Edward I, Sterling Issue penny, Class 3, 18 mm. S1392.

St6 - Charles I, groat, Aberystwyth, 21mm. S2891.

St8 - Charles I, halfgroat, Aberystwyth, 16mm. S2900.