N1 - William I, 1066-1087AD Profile Left type, Issued 1066-1068AD, 19 mm. S1250.

N2 - William I, Two Sceptres type, Issued 1072-1074AD, 19 mm. S1253.

N3 - William I, Two Stars type, Issued 1074-1077AD. 18 mm. S1254.

N4 - William I, Sword type, Issued 1077-1080AD, 19 mm. S1255.

N5 - William I, Paxs type, Durham mint, Issued 1083-1086AD, 18 mm. S1257.

N6 - William I, Paxs type , St Davids mint, Issued 1083-1086AD, 19 mm. S1257.

N7 - William II, 1087-1100AD, Profile type, Issued 1086-1089AD. 19 mm. S1258.

N8 - William II, Cross in Quatrefoil type, Issued 1089-1092AD, 19 mm. S1259.

N9 - William II, Cross Pattee and Fleury type, Issued 1095-1098AD. 19 mm. S1261.

N10 - Llewellyn, Cross in Quatrefoil type, Rhyd y Gors mint, Issued circa 1099AD, 19 mm.

N11 - Henry I 1100-1135AD, Pointing Bust and Stars type, Issued in 1107AD, 19 mm. S1267.

N12 - Henry I halfpenny, Facing Head type, Issued about 1107AD. 14 mm. S1277.

N13 - Stephen 1135-1154AD, Flag type, 19 mm. S1313.

N14 - Matilda 1139-1148AD, Cardiff mint, 19mm. S1326.

N15 - Eustace fitz John, 1139-1145AD, 19 mm. S1316.