Miscellaneous & Foreign Coinage

M1 - Abbasid, 21mm.

M2 - Abbasid gold dinar, 21mm.

M3 - Coin of Salah al-din Yusaf (Saladin), 21mm.

M4 - Crusader, denier from Jerusalem, 19mm.

M5 - Crusader, Antioch, Bohemond III, 18mm.

M6 - Crusader, denier from Sidon, 18mm.

M7 - Byzantine silver miliarensis, 21mm.

M8 - Trebizond silver, 21mm.

M9 - Trebizond silver, 21mm.

M10 - Byzantine Gold solidus, 20mm.

M11 - Pollard-a European imitation of a penny of Edward I, the ruler shown is not a king and has no crown, 18mm.

M13 - France, Charles VI circa 1414AD, Gross Tournois, 27mm.

M14 - France Charles VI, Denier Tournois, circa 1414AD, 18mm.

M15 - Venetian ducat, circa 1300-1700, 21 mm.