Celtic & Roman


CB1 - Gold stater of the Corieltauvi (Lincolnshire), 16-18mm. S394.

CB2 - Base silver stater of the Durotriges (Dorset), 16-18mm. S367.

CB3 - Silver quarter stater of the Iceni (Norfolk), 11-14mm. S436.

CB4 - Savernake Forest gold stater of the Trinovantes, 16-18mm. S37.


RB1 - Denarius, Vespasian, 69-79AD, 17mm. similar to S481.

RB2 - Denarius, Antoninus Pius, 138-161AD, Reverse shows image of Britannia, 17mm. (similar to) S640.

RB3 - Gold Aureus, Carausius, 287-293AD. (similar to) S667.

RB4 - Copper Antoninianus, Carausius, 287-293AD, 19mm. (similar to) S672.

RB5 - Follis of Constantine the Great, 307-337AD, 19mm. (similar to) S719.

RB6 - Barbarous radiate, copper, C4th AD, 10-12mm. (similar to) S749.